RUD industrial chains for motor-powered and manual hoists are winning products as a result of their top quality in different market segments. From wind power to industrial applications through to stage technology at renowned national and international events, RUD stands for innovation and perseverance. With its highly wear-resistant industrial chains, hoist chains and round steel chains, RUD is the original equipment manufacturer of worldwide leading hoist brands for motor-powered and hand hoists in compliance with EN 818-7. In additional to the 3 x 9 mm chain smallest size, we also manufacture the 32 x 90 mm largest hoist chain in the world. Let yourself be impressed by the quality of our "MADE IN GERMANY" hoist chains.

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Industrial chains

RUD offers its customers a digital test certificate archive in the RUD Portal - an online information platform for RUD hoist chains traceability "The technology you need to combine strength with perseverance - MADE IN GERMANY!"

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