RUD Lashing Chains.

The chain is at the heart of every lashing chain. In 1994, RUD was the first chain manufacturer to launch Grade 10 on the market under the name VIP (German abbreviation for “non-mix-up in pink) in a striking pink powder coating. This then innovative quality grade revolutionised the chain market. For a good reason: it could handle loads up to 30 % higher at the same nominal thickness.

This meant significant savings on weight and ergonomic improvements compared with Grade 8 chains which are still very widespread even today.

Further improved: the ICE line for load securing.

13 years after Grade VIP 100 started its triumphal march, RUD took the next innovative leap in chain technology. As the first manufacturer in the world, RUD received the approval stamp D1 from the German employers’ liability insurance association for round steel chains of Grade 12. This quality grade has a breaking force up to 60 % higher than the conventional Grade 8. In lashing technology, this means an increase in LC (Lashing Capacity) by up to 60 %.

Further technological features such as

  •     Elongation to break and ductile strength

  •     Low temperature toughness

  •     Durability and wear resistance

were also significantly improved.

The great suitability at low temperature of down to more than –60 °C were what gave the generation of chains its name: ICE-120. ICE-Pink (traffic purple) was chosen as the colour for this quality grade. This clearly distinguishes it from the red of Grade 8 and the pink (magenta) of Grade 10. Nevertheless, the ICE-120 remained in the family of pink colours typical of RUD.

For the user, the use of ICE lashing chains means a considerable weight-saving, improved ergonomics, faster attachment and more safety.

Safe bet. The RUD App "Lashing means calculation".

Would you like to know within a few minutes how to secure your current load ideally? With our free App, you'll be on the safe side. Just type in the specific facts like mass, lashing methode, transporting goods, inclination angle and friction factor - and you'll receive a detailed recommendation. Test it now!

ICE lashing chains of Grade 12.

Thanks to the extremely high strength of the patented ICE materials, the shift in nominal thickness compared to Grade 8 was achieved. This means, in the case of direct lashing an ICE lashing chain is able to replace a lashing chain of Grade 8 of the next higher nominal thickness. The result: up to 45 % weight reduction.

The tried and trusted advantages of the VIP range have been retained and further expanded for the ICE lashing chain. Tensioning, connection and shortening elements have been significantly improved in terms of weight and functionality.

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Load securing: reliable and ergonomic.

KZA – Identification tag.

Only lashing chains which are equipped with an easily legible tag (label) may be used. The patented identification tag from RUD contains the following information:

  • LC = Lashing Capacity (permissible lashing force in daN).
  • STF = Standard Tension Force (normal, remaining tension force in daN from the tensioning element with a Standard Hand Force (SHF) of 500 N; corresponds to the pre-tensioning force necessary for calculating top over lashing).

In addition, all the necessary checks for replacement state of wear of the lashing chain can be carried out using the RUD identification tags:

Checking of diameter (wear).
Checking of plastic elongation due to overload.
Checking of division extension due to nominal thickness wear.

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