Boltable lifting points.

Safety factor 4:1 in any load direction.

Boltable RUD lifting points are designed for a dynamic load of at least 20,000 changes of load, they are tested at an overload of 50 %. Their WLL range from 100 kg to 250 t.
RUD lifting points offer quadruple safety in every load direction. All the load-bearing parts have been crack-tested and load-tested in accordance with EN 1677.

RUD offers flexibility for all applications. For this reason, RUD lifting points are available in all common thread dimensions (metric, inch, UNC, UNF etc.). Important: For the lifting points to be screwed in place, the attachment point must be designed in such a way that the forces introduced are absorbed by the base material without deformation (see respective operating instructions).

ICE-BOLT – the new bolt class for lifting points.

The attachment bolts of modern lifting points must withstand maximum stress day-in, day-out, in all conceivable directions. The bolts have to absorb such bending loads safely both statically and dynamically – even at low temperatures and in the greatest heat. The patented material of the ICE chains is predestined for this safety-related challenge. The RUD ICE-BOLT will replace all conventional bolt solutions in future. 

Clear advantages for the user: 

  • Greater WLL and smaller bolt diameters.
  • Safe deep temperature usage down to –40 °C.
  • Higher toughness and thus higher bending strength.
  • Lower wear.

Good Points / Bad Points

Bad points.

Wrong lifting point, too small, poorly positioned, insufficiently fastened, no alignment in the force direction – in some circumstances with broken bolt: Many mistakes can occur when lifting or turning loads. These genuine pictures from practice show this.

Good points.

Modern and tested lifting points from RUD increase the working safety and reduce handling times. They correspond to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EU, provide safety against breaks in all loading directions and are 100% tear tested and test loaded. Genuine RUD good points.

first textile lifting point for load surfaces to be protected.

  • Reliable protection of load surfaces.
  • Unique: safety through guaranteed and tested load-bearing capacity (WLL) for the entire system.
  • Avoidance of accidents and damages caused by risky and untested own solutions.
  • Weight saving due to textile high-tech component.
  • Flexible in use: two lengths and three thread sizes available as standard – further sizes on request.

Hoist Ring:
The world’s first smart lifting point

  • Unique RUD spring mechanism.
  • Higher WLL than comparable design sizes.
  • No bracket stopping.
  • No dangerous transverse loads.

Load ring:
Tried and tested and adjustable in force direction.
VLBG-PLUS (VIP-Load ring thread plus)

  • Bracket adjustable in force direction.
  • Comprehensive range of threads.
  • The original – now with 45 % greater WLL on average (M8-M30).

Eye bolt:
Clever installation, simple alignment.
VRS (vario eye bolt Starpoint)

  • Much higher WLL than eye bolts in accordance with DIN 580.
  • Comprehensive range of threads.
  • Rotatable through 360°.
  • Easy-fit key for simple installation and removal.

Load ring:
Versatile, no matter how you turn it.
VWBG-V/VWBG (VIP-Swivel load ring for screwing vario / VIP-Swivel load ring for screwing)

  • Optical marking (wear and angle of attachment).
  • 360° rotatable, 230° pivotable.
  • Ball bearing

Load Ring

VWBG Load ring, metric thread with variable length

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Ring screw

VRS-F STARPOINT, metric thread with variable length, comes with locknut and washer

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Load ring

Load ring T-FRB/B-FRB – flange load ring head/ base flange

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