Rotating / turning.

RUD lifting points: also ideal for rotating and turning loads.

The RUD range includes special lifting points which demonstrate special application advantages during rotating and turning, thus offering a significant added value. They are equipped with a ball bearing, making them the perfect choice for these applications. 

The advantage: Thanks to the ball bearing, the forces resulting from lifting are converted shock-free into a rotating movement. 

Such shock-free rotation under load is not possible without ball bearings, because impact to the complete system cannot be avoided. 

RUD lifting points are designed for a dynamic load of at least 20,000 changes of load, they are tested at an overload of 50 %. Read how to use the lifting point properly below. 

Rotating and turning – points to watch for when selecting the lifting point.

Clearance to the load during lifting.

  • In the case of sensitive surfaces, choose a lifting point that guarantees enough clearance to the load and does not damage it.
  • Important: Choose a suitable sling.
  • Avoid supporting the lifting point on the load


  • Take the overall weight of the load into account.
  • Taking the rotating movement (swinging of the load) and resulting dynamism into account.
  • Note the direction of rotation: which direction does the load swing in?
  • How is the load lifted?
  • When determining the maximum WLL, take the calculation for a 2-leg sling chain into account. 

Lifting point design.

Is the lifting point centric or eccentric?

What requirements do the loaded goods make on the lifting process?



Attachment on the load.

Boltable lifting points.

Boltable RUD lifting points can be installed for rotating and turning tasks if necessary. If they are no longer necessary or would get in the way during the further working process, they can be removed with little effort.

Weldable lifting points.

Weldable RUD lifting points are permanently connected to the load. The advantage: Unscrewing the lifting point during rotating and turning of loads is excluded. A clear plus in terms of safety.

Load ring

VWBG Load ring, metric thread with variable length

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WPP-S / WPP-B / WPP-VIP (PowerPoint® universal connection)

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