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Closeness to our customers is particularly important to us. Which is why our sales team work every day on optimising our lifting and lashing products and turning customer requirements into solutions. Highly satisfied users in almost all industrial branches value this expertise.

If one of our standard solutions is not just right for your special requirements – no problem. We will be happy to develop a customised, tailor-made custom solution for you. Several examples of such solutions are illustrated here ... 

VIP-Special chain suspension.

Force-balancing load lifting.

  • e.g. for erecting tower segments for wind power plants.
  • 5-edge roller for chain deflection.
  • Ball bearing retainer for shackle.
  • Small design size.
  • Connection with high-strength shackles.
  • Replaces cable pulley.
  • Braked 5-edge roller to avoid one-sided falling of the unloaded chain.

product details

VIP-Clevis-type insulated link.

Up to 1000 volts.

  • The VIP-Clevis-type insulated link provides insulation up to max. 1000 V thanks to special plastic mounting of the clevis shackle bolt.
  • For welding to a load suspended by crane – the risk of current flow through the crane system is minimised. 
  • Max. operating temperature: +80 °C.

product details

VIP-Insulating suspension.

Up to 1000 volts.

VIP standard insulating suspension for welding to a load suspended by crane – the risk of current flow through the crane system is minimised.

  • With VIP-Clevis-type insulated link installed insulation up to max. 1000 V.
  • Max. operating temperature: +80 °C.

V-SIG comprising:

1x VIP-Master link
1x 2-link
1x VIP-Clevis-type shackle
1x VIP-Clevis-type insulated link
1x 2-link
1x VIP-Cobra-hook

product details

VIP-Overload check.

The front of the VCG labelled “TARGET ... mm” must remain free. During assembly, hook the VCG control link into the bracket pin of the VVS lock first, then the 3-link chain piece VIP. Only use original RUD VIP components! Only mount with bypass. 

product details

ICE-H-Connector ICH.

Endless chains with H-Connector.

  • Fast, simple and economic production of endless chains.
  • More compact and easier to handle than conventional chain locks.
  • Treated body, increasing wear resistance.
  • Ergonomically shaped.
  • Pitch of the H-Connector is analogue to the chain pitch.
  • Improved sliding over edges.
  • Extremely jointed: adapts to both the chain form and the component.

product details

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