Innovation from tradition.

The special materials of our lifting means.

RUD quality grades have been defined since 1972. Good to know: continual improvement of the quality grades makes an increase in WLL of up to 60 % possible between Grade 8 and Grade 12 (ICE) – with the same chain diameter. 

The advantage: the chain’s own weight is reduced by up to 30 %, thus significantly improving the ergonomics of the chain in application. And that is only one of the many historic innovations RUD has to offer ... 


RUD is the first company to receive approval for round steel chains of Grade 8 (H1-8) from the employers’ liability insurance association committee “Iron and Metal”. 


RUD is the first chain factory to be awarded approval by the employers’ liability insurance association for VIP special grade of Grad 10 (H1-10) with up to 30 % greater WLL than Grade 8. 


RUD was the first chain factory to receive approval for round steel chains of Grade 12 (D1-12) from the employers’ liability insurance association committee “Iron and Metal”.

Lifting and lashing equipment in Grade 10 – unrivalled versatility.

  • Up to 30 % higher WLL than the previously highest Grade 8 (Grade 80) with the same chain diameter.
  • Chain dimension from 4 to 28 mm. From 0.6 t (Mini-1-leg) bis 126 t (2 x MAXI-2-leg).
  • Striking fluorescent pink powder coating and clear »VIP« marking on every chain link and component. Advantage: no mix-up with other quality grades.
  • The quality of the surface corresponds to galvanic zinc-plating.
  • Chain diameters VIP 16, VIP 20, VIP 22 and VIP 28 mm in Grade 10-VIP replace chain diameters 18 mm, 22 mm, 26 mm and 32 mm in Grade 8 – in other words one chain dimension smaller – advantage: significant weight saving and thus better handling.

Heat indicator.

The pink powder coating changes its shade if used at a temperature above 200 °C. If overheated to a temperature above the impermissible 380 °C, the shade is deep black (with small blisters formed).

Lifting and lashing equipment in Grade 12: the best RUD chain technology.

ICE stands for Innovative Chain Evolution. RUD ICE chains are lifting means of Grade 12 and represent a (r)evolutionary advanced development in the lifting means segment. Their colour code is ICE-pink (traffic purple). 

RUD ICE chains have been tested and certified by the certification authority of the committee of metal and surface treatment of the employers’ liability insurance association Metal North South (BGM) and also approved with the quality grade stamp "D1-12" (D=Degree of Quality / 1=Manufacturer RUD / 12=Grade). RUD ICE-120 chains and components have been designed for 20,000 changes in load (tested with 50 % overload) in accordance with DIN EN 818 and 1677 for dynamic load.

A decisive ICE advantage: always one nominal thickness smaller than Grade 8.

On account of the extremely high material strength of the patented ICE material, RUD has managed a continuous shift in nominal thickness compared with Grade 8 even for thinner diameters ≤ Ø 16 mm. In practice, this means that a lifting or lashing chain – no matter the nominal thickness – can replace a Grade 8 chain of the next-higher nominal thickness. The resulting reduction in own weight of more than 30 % is a major advantage for work ergonomics.

Whether hot or cold – ICE is the best.

Thanks to their extreme temperature resistance of –60 °C to +300 °C, ICE chains are suitable for Polar and Arctic applications as well. Their brittle fracture transition temperature is < –70 °C. 

Overheating indicator EP 677681 (European patent).

The special ICE-PINK powder coating permanently indicates the maximum temperature at which the ICE-chain has been used before. If used at a prohibited high temperature above 300°C, the ICE pink turns brown-black. 

High value for money thanks to special ICE hardening.

Whether hot or cold: during tough use of the ICE chain, particularly when moving sectional steel (e.g. during port handling or construction work when used as a choke hitch) the patented material and special RUD ICE hardening result in economic advantages. Damage to the chain cause by edge deflection is significantly reduced compared to a chain with a lower material strength. 

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