Omega Drive.

Application areas.

RUD OMEGA DRIVE is the solution: for moving ship cranes, tracking solar panels to the sun, or simply traversing a machine.

    • Linear travel, fixed drive and moving chain / equipment
    • Moving drive and fixed chain / equipment
    • Fixed drive and rotating chain / equipment
    • Fixed chain, drive / equipment moving along curved path

    Applications of OMEGA DRIVE.

    • Moving harbour and ship cranes
    • Aligning and adjusting ship loading and unloading
    • Opening and closing sliding doors in the holds
    • Rotating and lifting platforms
    • Propulsion for ferries on rivers and lakes
    • Moving wagons for unloading
    • Extending telescopic booms for ship loaders and cranes
    • Moving sea posts (spud pole)
    • Traversing Skiddinig Systems

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    OMEGA DRIVE is the ideal drive solution for linear or rotating movement.

    In order to process a running crane trolley on a carrier, telescoping ship cranes on a rail or for skid application. The OMEGA DRIVE is superior to comparable rack and pinion and sprocket wheel solutions.
    Ib conparison it is less sensitive to dirt, sand, ice, etc., is easier to mount and tolerates deviations of alignment. The modular concept allows the drive through electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motors, at order point electric motor can be supplied.


    • OMEGA DRIVE even runs even when other drivers or chains reach their limits
    • Resistant to ice, dirt, rain and aggressive environments
    • Approval by major maritime classification societies possible
    • Mobile or fixed drive, depending on what you need
    • Chain speed 1-6 m/minute with full load, up to 12 m/minute with part load
    • Special painting possible