Precise & Uncomplicated

Made in GERMANY.

The RUD TECDOS TS is another milestone in our mechanical engineering product family. With the RUD TECDOS TS, you can handle massive and heavy spraying, stamping, or pressing tools with ease. RUD's in-house expertise has integrated the innovative RUD TECDOS PI-GAMMA drive system and the high-end round steel chain, ensuring efficient, cost-optimized tool management.



Tools can be moved quickly and easily, at the touch of a button. The RUD TECDOS TS is set to the ideal working height, guaranteeing ergonomic operation. It can be used with the RUD TECDOS TM and offers an ideal combination of turning and opening of tools.

Benefits & Properties.

  • Amortisation time <1 year
  • Tool halves can be opened gently and closed accurately with controlled force and speed
  • Precise, uncomplicated tool-handling
  • Assembly and maintenance work are reduced
  • Less down time due to maintenance work
  • Ergonomic working positions at the tool
  • Guarantee can be extended
  • Intelligent operational optimization
  • Digital twin in RUD Cockpit

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