Load securing.

So that nothing ever slips.

To prevent anything slipping dangerously during transport, you should always make sure your load is secured as well as possible. This is not only a recommendation, it is an absolute necessity which is prescribed by legislation. 

Quite often, the forces which occur during driving are underestimated and the strength of the lashing equipment used overrated. For this reason, it is important for you to think about the right load securing means before a spectacular accident happens.  

When heavy loads have to be lashed directly, professionals generally tend to use the lashing chain. Indeed, modern lashing chains, particularly ones made of high-strength steel, offer unrivalled advantages. RUD has carried out pioneering work here and was the first manufacturer in the world to receive the approval stamp D1 for round steel chains of the highest Grade 12 as long ago as in 2007. The ICE range was born.

The ICE lashing chain stands for a particularly high level of quality and safety. It not only fulfils the European standard, it exceeds it in many points. One special advantage is its low weight. ICE has a Lashing Capacity LC (permissible lashing force) almost 60 % higher than conventional Grade 8, despite the same nominal thickness.

Image source: POLICE DE LA ROUTE LIEGE (B) _ Raymond Lausberg

RUD ICE lashing chains not only fulfil the standard, they offer much more besides.

RUD lashing chain variant: ICE-VSK with ICE-CURT-SL Ratchet tensioner

Correct load securing (correct lashing):

Not this way…

… rather this way

Safe bet. The RUD App "Lashing means calculation".

Would you like to know within a few minutes how to secure your current load ideally? With our free App, you'll be on the safe side. Just type in the specific facts like mass, lashing methode, transporting goods, inclination angle and friction factor - and you'll receive a detailed recommendation. Test it now!