Current innovations from RUD.

RUD innovations constant set new benchmarks in the market.

RUD is well known for repeatedly setting new benchmarks. Technological innovation leadership has long been a fixed part of our vision for business strategy. Our objective: innovative product design coupled with the highest standards in production engineering and quality management. Here we set the benchmarks that are acknowledged the world over. 

Our highly qualified employees work passionately on the tasks set by current and future customers. Because we are always driven by the desire to create added values with our solutions.

The new TXP-Texolution-Point.

The textile lifting point for the protection of surfaces and loads.

Especially when lifting loads with high-quality, f. e. class A surfaces worth protecting, there is a risk of damage. Loss of value, functional impairment and costly reworking are often the consequences. Our solution: the new TXP-Texolution-Point.

RUD TXP-Texolution-Point

RUD ACP-TURNADO (Automatic Center Point).

The world’s first smart lifting point.

  • Unique RUD spring mechanism.
  • Higher WLL than comparable design sizes.
  • No bracket stopping.
  • No dangerous transverse loads.



Efficiency is blue. And installed as standard.

Unique the world over: RUD ID-POINT® RFID transponders with a uniquely allocated identification number are press-fitted as standard in defined RUD products. This allows the simple identification of components without any mix-up.

Fast, simple and flexible: the RUD USB-ID READER captures the identification number of the RUD ID-POINT® and transfers it contactless to a computer, mobile phone or tablet PC. Management of the data and test results in the cloud-based software AYE-D.NET from our partner SYFIT or in a standard software solution thus becomes simple and secure.

The special feature: reading out the ID number via our website or using the AYE-D.NET app gives you immediate and free access to central product data such as marking, WLL, test data, operating instructions etc. 


L-ABA Lashing point, rigid.

Lashing point that can be loaded on all sides. Ideal for earth-moving machinery, drilling equipment, compactors and other purposes.

  • Clear marking of the minimum lashing capacity in daN.
  • Forged from a single piece, no rattling or shaking.
  • The requirements of DIN EN 1090 are fulfilled thanks to the weld arrangement (circular fillet weld).
  • L-ABA Lashing point rigid 

product details

Lashing ring OPTILASH 10,000 daN.

OPTILASH-FIX (in one piece) – OPTILASH-CLICK (with spring-loaded pin).

  • Patented wear marker.
  • 100% crack tested.
  • Corrosion protection thanks to galvanised surface.
  • With marking: LC = 10000 daN.
  • Tested double safety.
  • Special offset shape.
  • Flat lashing angles possible.
  • Can be pulled out of the guiding retainer and used for upright and oversized loads as well.
  • Can be loaded on all sides due to optimal lateral guiding and support surface.
  • Made in Germany

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