Value creation chain.

RUD is your system supplier along the entire value-creation chain.

No matter where you are on your value creation chain, our RUD range of products will help you with every process.


It is important to decide as early as during the design stage how products, machines and shapes are to be moved, transported, and handled later on. RUD offers a wide range of lifting points, lifting means for many different processes, drive technology, and machines for tool handling.


Once they have arrived at the production location, the handling of heavy machinery or products is often time-consuming and expensive. For this reason, we supply the respective boltable or weldable lifting points for simple and safe handling for all application purposes. 


The transport of heavy loads presents a real challenge. Using the corresponding RUD products, both loading and unloading as well as safe transportation are guaranteed. 


Thanks to our unique RUD ICE-Bolt with external and internal hexagon and our easy-fit assembly key, RUD makes day-to-day work easier even during assembly. In addition, this is supported by our product modular system.


Without crane systems with the corresponding lifting means, processes and workflows can no longer be guaranteed in many industrial companies. The enormous handling effort can no longer be performed without the right equipment. RUD lifting points and lifting means contribute to guaranteeing a smooth and safe workflow.


The recycling process is characterized by high wear and temperatures. RUD offers wear-resistant, durable, and heat-resistant solutions even for this extreme application.

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