Weldable lifting points.

Suitable for all common welding methods.

RUD weldable lifting points are designed for maximum dynamic load and quadruple safety; available for WLL from 600 kg to 100 t, they provide safety in all loading directions. All the load-bearing parts have been crack-tested and load-tested in accordance with EN 1677.

Weldable lifting points are connected permanently and captively with the load. For this reason, welding must be carried out in accordance with DIN EN 287-1.

W-ABA – Weld-on point that can be loaded on all sides: ready to go and indestructible.

  • Quadruple safety against breakage.
  • Patented wear markings inside and out.
  • Treated body, increasing wear resistance.

VRBS-FIX/VRBK-FIX | VIP Load ring weldable FIX | VIP Load ring edge FIX: the ideal solution for split force introduction.

  • No time-consuming alignment of the weld-on blocks to the ring link.
  • Parts firmly connected through radial clamping springs.
  • No rusting: all-round HY weld.

WPP (H)-S/PP-B/PP-VIP: clever installation, simple alignment.

  • Universal, non-mix-up VIP connection for chains and eyebolts.
  • WPP: 360° rotatable, 230° pivotable.
  • WPP: double ball bearing for tilting, rotating and turning.


WPP-S / WPP-B / WPP-VIP (PowerPoint® Ring connection, metric thread)

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Load ring

VRBS-FIX / VRBK-FIX (Load ring for welding for circumferential weld seam / Weld-on block)

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Load ring

VLBS / VLBS-U-LT (VIP-Load ring-weldable / VIP-Load ring low temperature -45°C)

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